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We take care of all your recruiting, staffing and HR related project needs to help sustain fast and scalable growth.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Staffing solutions often come with lots of questions.
    Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

    What services does Intellicom provide?

    You’ve got the strategy; we find the talent.  Our differentiator is our partnership with YOU and the candidate from “first touch – to first day”, regardless of what type of people you need. Intellicom provides managed staffing optimization, contract and temporary staffing solutions, full-time replacement and executive retained search services. We are comprised of a team of industry experts with over three decades of experience. We’re a partner, not a recruiter – and your success is ours too.  

    Do you have staffing or interim solutions?

    You betcha! When you need a person or people to “fill in the gap” on a project, if you’ve lost staff, or you have a need for a specific period of time.  We can provide you with industry proven people with the skills you need.  No time is too short or too long. We are here for you.   

    This solution can be short-term, or for a specific period of time.  No need to take on any employee risks because they are our employees working for you, we take all the employee burden off your shoulders, and you benefit from their skills and work. 

    Do you provide talent acquisition consulting services?

    Need to build an entire team or the extra talent to boost your projects?  We have a qualified bench of professionals that will fit into your team within a day!  We will ensure our people are not just “skills” qualified, but they will also be “culture and sensitivity” qualified to melt just right for YOU.  Before we introduce them to you, we will provide our people with your company background, your team, and your expectations.  We do this so well you will feel like they have been there with you from the start. 

    What industries do you serve?

    We are proud to say we serve companies across a varied landscape including technology and healthcare. If you are looking for a partner that knows your niche, you are in the right place! Give us a shot and we’ll show you why.

    What roles do you specialize in?

    Although we have experience in all the major industries in North America, our specialty has always been technology and healthcare. We specialize in finding the top 1% of IT and health IT talent in the world.

    Do you have a commitment to diversity and inclusion?

    We have a deep commitment towards equal opportunity employment. We encourage employers to diversify their staff.