About Intellicom

We are your bridge to competency

We are a successful staffing company, because we know the secret sauce to getting the people you need. We LISTEN, We ASK, We CLARIFY, and then we EXECUTE! (LACE)

This is our passion, and this is what we do. We do what we do, so you can do what you do! Let’s talk about people – the right people, the people YOU need. We do this WITH you, then go away to do our thing – and then we bring deeply qualified people back to you.

We do not waste your time throwing resumes over the fence and hope they stick! We do not do this to put a “butt in a seat” or “for the money.” We do it because we work in our passion just like you do. What’s in it for us? Getting you just the right fit when you need it.

What’s in it for you? The peace of mind that you have our team on it for YOU. We’ve been doing this a long time, and over that time we’ve moved with the changes and challenges. We keep up with the pace and still find you the right fit. We know there are ebbs and flows, and we move with it.

We are your guide throughout the process – guiding and counselling you about our thoughts on each person we give you. We will make recommendations and even push back if you say “no”, and we think, “yes”. When we say “yes”, we’ll tell you why. We’re a partner, not a recruiter – and your success is ours too. We got this for you, and we will every time you come calling.

Our Services

Connecting skills and talent with opportunities and success

We know hiring is at an all-time high and talent is in short supply, with employee retention more challenging than ever before.  We stay on the pulse 100% of the time.